new extended website

Coming very soon…

This local technology firm with national reach needed a new website to accomodate their expanding role as a unique distributor for cutting edge scientific equipment.  Armed with a new logo and colour scheme, this project is nearing completion and will be posted soon. 

website redesign

Hazel Grove Reform Club

This local institution required a new website and custom content to replace an ageing design which was no longer fit for purpose.  It was slow, poorly optimised and looked dreadful on mobile. Nor was it making the most of their function room facility. Their new website solves all these issues – in style. 

new website for startup business

Lostock Military Fitness

A new site for a new venture: Lostock Military Fitness in south Cheshire.  With lots of similar outfits competing for custom, LMF’s site needed to stand out from the crowd.  Whilst retaining the military ethos which hardcore fitness fanatics crave, the site clearly demonstrates how the workouts are tailored to the needs of all levels and abilities.  Copywriting and tone of voice is no less important than layout, design and user experience.  The site has recently been extended to include e-commerce payment options.

Website Redesign

The Bridal Lounge Cheshire

The owner required a complete site redesign. Her old site had served her well but some updates had made the design inconsistent and it had fallen far behind technologically, being unusable on mobile.  Detailed discussions about the owner’s goals for the site meant that the initial brief came to include a new logo, colour scheme and typography to complement the launch of the new site.

practice web design

Real Coffee

Real Coffee but not a real café!  This is a working one-page design which I have customised to show what can be achieved.  Photographs are all royalty-free stock images.  Any text which isn’t automatically generated is mine.