Wix / Squarespace / Weebly sound easy enough to use and they’re cheaper. Why don’t I just use them?

I agree completely that they sound easy and they’re cheaper. If you have plenty of time and are keen on learning new technology one of these might suit your needs.  However, in my experience people are seduced by the low fees but then quickly run into problems: they don’t have a clear (workable) design to begin with, they don’t know what should / shouldn’t be on there and, above all, making their site look how they want is much more challenging than it appears.  In addition, the vast majority of ‘build-your-own-site’ platforms are hosted on very, very crowded servers which means your site will take a performance hit.  Remember that over half of mobile users will abandon any page which takes longer than three seconds to load, that’s a crucial distinction (https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-resources/data-measurement/mobile-page-speed-new-industry-benchmarks/).  When you factor in the importance of SEO knowledge at the page-build stage, this could be a ‘make or break’ difference for being noticed in your business niche.  On top of that, nothing will beat the personal support offered by Sites by James where a real human being (me!) can resolve any other problem which crops up along the way, enabling your website to grow alongside your business.


What content updates are included in my hosting package? 

All content updates which don’t require major design changes are included, e.g. site-wide font change, image changes / additions, copy changes / additions and pretty much any content which falls within the scope of existing pages.  Major site changes, e.g. redesign, special functionality (e.g. a blog / membership section or e-commerce functionality) or additional pages would be chargeable. 


How many custom email addresses can I have?

As many as you want.


Will you register a domain for me?

Certainly. And I’m happy to advise on what makes for a good choice of domain as this will be an important decision going forward.  It’s important to note that the registration will be done in your name though.  A domain name is a crucial part of your business identity.  There have been cases of certain web designers registering domains in their own name and effectively holding clients to ransom if they ever want to move hosting away from them.  My success relies on customer trust and satisfaction so you will always own your own domain name.


I already have my own domain.  Can you build me a website for it?

Certainly.  As long as you have access to that domain, the nameservers can be customised to point to the new site.


I want to sell a product / service online.  Can you create a website that will do this?

Yes. I just need to know the details of what the product / service is and exactly how you propose to sell it.  For example, do you want to take payments through your site itself or do you want to accept payments through a recognised off-site gateway like Paypal.  If you prefer the former, it may entail an annual subscription cost for a relevant plugin.


How many site visits per month are supported by my package?

The standard Sites by James hosting package provides support for 10,000 visits to your site every month. That’s plenty for most commercial enterprises but more extensive plans are available. 


How much webspace will I have?

10GB.  This will be plenty for most types of business.  If you think you will require more, just ask – as this is available.


Your site mentions 24 hour monitoring and support? What exactly does this mean?

I use various online reporting tools which will tell me if, for example, your site goes down for some reason. This is extremely rare. (In fact, it hasn’t happened yet!)  In such a case, I am notified immediately and it means I’ll see it before breakfast so I can fix it as quickly as possible.  Clients who  notice a problem, need a content update or just some advice can contact me by phone or email and I will deal with it straightaway during normal working hours (8am-5pm Monday to Friday).  Outside that time, I aim to respond equally quickly but, inevitably, sometimes it may be a few hours before I’m in front of my desk.   


Mine is a new business so money is really tight and I can’t afford the full cost up front.

I completely understand that startups can struggle to find enough money to fund a custom website so I’m happy to spread the cost over the first twelve months.  In fairness, I must point out that this is subject to my being convinced that you have a viable business model. 


Content Creation

Can you design a logo for me?

Yes.  Whether it’s part of a new website or just a one-off commission, contact me to discuss it.


Can you provide the content for my website?

Yes. This is all part of the design service. 

The copy (text) will be written by me in conjunction with you in a way which shows your business in its best light, helping to retain old customers and gain new ones. If you’d prefer to write it all yourself, that is of course perfectly fine.  

As far as images are concerned, I use top quality stock images which are royalty-free.  If you require, I can take new photographs myself or use the ones you provide.


Can you create and manage social media for my business?


I do this already for an antiques market in London – https://charingcrossmarket.com/blog   I write their weekly blog posts and create linked media for their Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter and Instagram accounts.   NB Their website was not created by me.